First Joint interactive conference of IFAs & CFAs

The first ‘joint interactive conference of IFAs and CFAs’ was conducted at Headquarters Central Command on 30th & 31st July 2012.  This conference was organized in perspective of need of such conference emphasized by the Hon’ble Raksha mantra during similar conference for command level conducted by MoD(Fin)/CGDA at New Delhi.

2.       Shri Rakesh Ranjan, IDAS, PCDA Central Command, Lucknow inaugurated this Conference on 30-07-12.

3.       Shri Vijay Kumar, IDAS, Integrated Financial Advisor, Central Command welcomed to all guest officers and IFAs/CFAs participants at Command level on this occasion.

4.       Shri A. K. Kadyan, IDAS, Jt. CGDA(IFA) New Delhi was present on this occasion.  He explained and discussed the matters related to IFA systems, in view of prevailing Govt. orders and difficulties being faced in proper implementations of the same at the level of lower IFAs.  The main purpose of this conference was to sort out the problems being faced viz-a-viz optimal utilization of funds in view of cash management system introduced by the Govt. mutual interactions of the CFAs/CFA Reps and their correlated IFAs. This conference was very knowledgeable and fruitful discussions have been successfully completed between IFAs & CFAs.

5.       Lt Gen A. K. Misra, AVSM, chief of Staff, delivered a valedictory speech before conclusion of conference at HQCC on 31-07-12.  He appreciated IFA(CC) for holding such Conference at the HQCC.  He also appreciated its timing being started in 2nd quarter of the current financial year, which would certainly helpful in optimal utilization funds in perspective of Cash management system introduced by the govt.  he also opened that such interactions between IFAs and CFAs is must for realization of the organization goal and hoped that the presentations made by both the sided, i.e. IFAs and CFAs would certainly help to clear the bottle necks, as such conferences help to understand each other, and when there is understanding there cannot be any problems.